The Benefits of coaching Psychology

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Coaching psychology focuses on the positive aspects of human experience. In this, it mirrors the science of positive psychology although there are important differences between the two domains. Whereas coaching psychology is tailored to specific goal oriented outcomes for individuals, positive psychology is a broader study of the science of human wellbeing. Research shows that coaching is increasingly being used in educational, therapeutic, sports and organizational contexts. Life mentors, teachers, business coaches etc. all participate in coaching others to some degree. What makes coaching psychology different from coaching in general is the evidence base associated with the science. Recent findings suggest a strong correlation between coaching psychology interventions and resilience and goal attainment.

One of the main benefits of coaching psychology is that the practitioner client relationship is centred on a mentor-mentoree role rather than a doctor-patient mode. This core contextualisation forms the foundation of the bond between two people and often leads to a rewarding relationship of trust, understanding and respect. As a relatively new domain within psychology, there are opportunities for new psych grads to look into coaching psychology as a distinct discipline within the science.

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