Utilizing Compassion Focused Therapy (CPT) to heal Trauma

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Recent research has found that the evidence of CFT in cultivating compassion, enhancing emotional understanding, improving social relationships and healing trauma is growing (Leaviss & Uttley, 2015). Originally developed by Dr Paul Gilbert, CFT involves teaching people to heal themselves through compassionate mind training. Understanding evolutionary mechanisms that control emotion and cognition are central to CFT and lay the basis for learning advanced skills in the domain. Typically, the therapist and client will work together to identify areas where self-blame, anger, shame, self-criticism and anxiety are acute. The client is then taught specific skills in self-compassion and mindfulness in combination with a cognitive/behavioural approach. In essence, CFT combines both: eastern and western approaches and healing mechanisms to suffering and trauma.

Leaviss, J., & Uttley, L. (2015). Psychotherapeutic benefits of compassion focused therapy: an early systematic review. Psychological medicine. 45(5). 927-945

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